Organic Honey Producers Network of Bala’an K’aax, Mexico

The Organic Honey Producers Network of Bala’an K’aax, Quintana Roo, Mexico is composed of 35 beekeepers from different communities located in and around the Flora and Fauna Protection Area of ​​Bala’an K’aax. The group´s objective is to increase the production of organic honey and seek better market conditions for the sale of their honey. It should be noted that as well as honey producers they are also community forest rangers, which means they are supporting protection activities, monitoring and fire fighting in coordination with the National Commission of  Natural Protected Areas (CONANP).

During 2016 and 2017 the Selva Maya Programme has contributed to the development of productive and organizational capacities of members of this network. The Organic Honey Producers Network of Bala’an K’aax now produce and sell organic honey, are an organized group with internal regulations, divison of tasks and agreements on collective product sale.

In 2018, the Network will seek to increase honey production, expand the range of products to be developed and formalize its legal status as an association of organic producers in Bala’an K’aax.