Celebrate Urban Birds

Celebrate Urban Birds is an alternative for participatory science and research, founded in 2007 at Cornell University’s Laboratory of Ornithology. The goal is to link people, regardless of age, with nature, particularly with bird watching. It does not require a great deal of knowledge of birds to be integrated.

However, birdwatching is not about “seeing for seeing” but about knowing their habitat and being aware that they are everywhere. If we live in a city, we will notice that there are also birds and they play an important role, seldom understood, for urban communities.

The activities of this program can provide a lot of information on the relationship of birds and their various habitats within cities. A good start is to better understand their importance in our communities.

We share with you a link to related information, as well as some materials that have been used in Guatemala, a country where birding is becoming increasingly important.


Bird guide in Guatemala (Spanish version)

Registration form of birds in Guatemala (Spanish version)