Binational exchange of experiences on integrated intensive silvopastoral systems

The Inter-institutional Platform for Sustainable Cattle Ranching promotes capacity building for livestock committees in the communities of El Caoba and El Remate in Petén, Guatemala. This platform is composed of the Vice Ministry for Peten Affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA), the municipality of Flores, the Pastoral Social, Rainforest Alliance (RA), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the project Protection and Sustainable Use of the Selva Maya of the German Cooperation (GIZ).

In this context,  an exchange of experiences with livestock groups from Belize and Guatemala on integrated silvopastoral systems took placefrom November 13 to 15. On behalf of Belize, representatives of the Forest Department, the Friends of Vaca Forest Reserve and the San Antonio Mayan Green Growers participated.

The exchange focused on the socialization of the inter-institutional silvopastoral proposal that includes, among others: mixed fodder bank, improved livestock watering, paddock capacity for calculating biomass production and grazing system techniques. Furthermore, the Farmer Field School methodology was  presented, the Jaguares para siempre Program was socialized and the workshop on fodder conservation through the silage technique was given. This opens the opportunity for future regional exchange and the expansion of areas with integrated intensive silvopastoral systems.