Celebration of the International Honey Bee Day

On the occasion of the International Honey Bee Day, a fair of small and medium-sized companies was held in Flores, Guatemala on May 20th. The event was organized by the Mesa de Miel de Petén, a coordination entity to manage and strengthen beekeeping in which government institutions, apicultural producers and non-governmental organizations participate. 

The event was a collaboration of the Mission of Taiwan, the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Nutrition (MAGA), the National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP), the Association of Forest Communities of Petén (ACOFOP), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) through the Project Protection and Sustainable Use of the Selva Maya, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Rainforest Alliance, Heifer International, Defensores de la Naturaleza, Nature Foundation for Life, and others.

Among the activities were an allegorical parade to beekeeping, sale of products made from honey and its derivates, speeches and concerts. Small and medium sized manufacturers of beekeeping equipment and supplies were present at the fair as well as food and beverages derived from ramón tree, pepper, products made from cocoa, handicrafts, furniture and textiles were sold.