Experience exchange: APFFBK, Mexico – CSFI, Belize

From December 11 to 15, 2017, eight members of the Muuch Kanan K’aax Community Surveillance Network of the Bala’an K’aax Flora and Fauna Protection Area (APFFBK) participated in an exchange visit to the Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI), in Corozal, Belize. The objective of the exchange was to get to know the CSFI governance system and exchange experiences on the management of protected areas.

During the visit, knowledge and experiences were exchanged regarding the following topics: 1) monitoring of birds, bats and felines; 2) management of forest nurseries and 3) control and patrolling in protected areas. Among other activities, the group reforested a mahogany plot and observed / counted birds. On the last day, the CSFI team showed the applications they use, such as Ebird (birdwatching) and SMART (monitoring and management of protected areas).

The participants thanked CSFI for sharing their knowledge and experience. The activities strengthened the monitoring and surveillance capabilities of the visitors from Bala’an K’aax. It was agreed that at the beginning of 2018 CSFI staff will visit the APFFBK with the purpose of sharing the activities carried out by the Ranger Network in the protected area, including productive activities promoted by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) and the GIZ/Selva Maya Programme. It is hoped that, within the framework of international cross-border cooperation, CSFI and the APFFBK will generate a collaboration agreement to continue the exchange of experiences and knowledge.