Preparing communication channels with regional impact

The Selva Maya can be positioned and empowered through the creation of regional communication channels that denote the relevance of the Mesoamerican Lung and provide acurate information to improve decision making and sensitize the population about the urgency of political influence to promote the conservation of the environment.

As a contribution to this window of opportunity, meetings were held in June 2019 with the Communication Areas of the Ministry of Environment and the National Council of Protected Areas of Guatemala (CONAP); MAFFESDI and the Forest Department of Belize; and the National Commissions of Natural Protected Areas and for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONANP / CONABIO) of Mexico; with the objective of stablishing a Technical Committee of Governmental Communicators and a Network of Communicators and Independent Journalists that promote relevant issues for the Selva Maya region, in terms of biodiversity conservation and climate change.

These meetings facilitated an exchange of experiences in communication strategies between the coordinators of the communication areas of government institutions in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. On the other hand, capacities were strengthened in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), spokespersons and key messages, of CONAP’s national communication links.