Rapid review of the literture on zoonoses in the context of One Health in the Selva Maya


In recent years, the global human community has begun to understand what scientists andenvironmental activists have been spelling out for decades: that the harm we are doing to ecosystems globally is threatening the very foundation of human life.

We are starting to experience the effects of climate change; as increasingly extreme and destructive weather events strike and with the world in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is more and more talk in the media about the link between the destruction of ecosystems, biodiversity loss and health emergencies caused by infectious disease epidemics and pandemics.

With the realisation that human life and health depend on the health of the planet, ecosystems, plants and animals, there is a growing understanding that it is no longer enough to try to solve environmental problems in isolation with piecemeal technological solutions; we need approaches that recognise this interdependence and bring about a fundamental change in our relationship with the elements that form the basis of life on our planet.

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