Value Links in the Selva Maya

As of 2012, the Selva Maya/GIZ Program, in alliance with the Association of Forest Communities of Petén (ACOFOP), has been involved in strengthening the value chain of the Ramón (Brosimum alicastrum) seed, with the Value Links Methodology.

One of the major achievements is the formation of the Ramón Seed Committee, initially made up of four, now nine, community groups. Five of which are certified organic and sell value-added, sustainably processed products.

Acknowledging the utility of the methodology, these organizations brought together professionals from institutions in Guatemala and Mexico, responsible for strengthening sustainable livelihoods in areas within the Maya Biosphere Reserve and the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, to be trained in the Facilitator Training on the Value Links Methodology for the Promotion of Value Chains, from April 8th  to 10th , 2019, in Petén, Guatemala.

Participants concluded that the training offered an opportunity not only to gain new knowledge but also to reflect and motivate their work. This type of training consolidates allies that lead, articulate and coordinate activities to improve the value chains of timber and non-timber products in the Selva Maya.