20th Meeting of the Coordinators of the Reserva de la Biosfera Maya

On Friday 29th of July 2016, it was held in Flores, Petén, Guatemala; The XX Ordinary Meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. This time, was presented the report of the fires season and the budget allocation by the Government of Guatemala to the National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP), which includes resources for the operation of the Forest Fire Prevention and Control System (SIPECIF). It also dealt with topics of major importance for the handling and management of this reserve, such as the establishment of working commissions between the CONAP and the municipalities it was presented the progress made in the demarcation of the Sierra del Lacandón National Park and the development of the Environmental Security Strategy for the department of Petén.

This committee is formed by central government entities; the municipal governments of the six municipalities that share the territory of the reserve; the army; civil society, represented by non-governmental organizations; community organizations and international cooperation. The German Agency for Cooperation on Sustainable Development (GIZ) participates through the Selva Maya Program as an advisory member. The next ordinary meeting will be held on