Video: Software against illegal deforestation in the Selva Maya

The Selva Maya, the second largest tropical rainforest in the Americas is shrinking by 30,000 hectares every year. In the last few months, rangers of this region have been using special software for monitoring more quickly illegal logging.

But the deforested areas are not the only thing that can be monitored, it is also possible to do so with the bodies of water and the fauna associated to them, the prevalence of forest fires, the presence of birds, among others. The monitoring activities allow us to know the state of the habitat and therefore sensitizing decision makers and society in general, to reconsider and intervene against the threats that loom over the ecosystems. Through this short documentary prepared by the Deutsche Welle, let’s take a look at what is being done in the Selva Maya.

Video report: Mexico: Monitoring in the Selva Maya