Calendar – Living with jaguars

Farmers and communities in the rural areas of Belize face many problems. One of these is the threat of attacks on their livestock from wild animals like jaguars, puma and stray dogs. In the past farmers would not know what to do and often feel forced to shoot, poison or trap these animals to try to solve the problem. However, often farmers are finding that this is just a short term solution and soon they start experiencing attacks again.

Forest Department, Panthera and Ya’axché Conservation Trust have teamed up to try to help farmers find solutions which can avoid losing livestock to these attacks. This 2016/2017 Calendar has 12 of the best of these solutions. It was carefully assembled by Maximiliano Caal and Lee Mcloughlin of Ya’axché Conservation Trust. The wonderful illustrations were done by Jill Burgess
Young, Viviana Araya Gamboa and Panthera.

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Originaly, this document is available in the site of the Ya’axché Conservation Trus, in the link: