Launch of knowledge website on One Health approach for the Selva Maya region shared by Mexico, Belize and Guatemala

Last Wednesday, August 10, 2022, at 09:00 am Guatemala and Belize time and 10:00 am Mexico time, with the online participation of more than 100 public officials and members of goverment and private organizations, universities and other stakeholders from Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, in addition to a noteworthy attendance of various GIZ offices in Latin America and other parts of the globe, the Alliance One Health Selva Maya (AOHSM) plattform was launched.

The welcome remarks were delivered by Mr. Wilber Sabido, CEO of the Forest Department, Belize, and pro-tempore president of the Strategic Coordination Group (SCG) of the Selva Maya.

The AOHSM website is a space for communication among decision makers, researchers, technicians and the interested public, aimed for policy makers, scientists and communities to implement the One Heath approach in the Selva Maya region.

The One Health approach includes a comprehensive look at the trinomial system composed by environmental, human and animal health, The Alliance’s website is a window to the actions and processes of scientific research, as well as successful community projects that seek to propagate knowledge under this framework for the second largest forest massif of the American continent, and the largest tropical forest in Mesoamerica.

To participate in this knowledge network and become part of this powerful communication tool visit the page and subscribe