National Bee Day Fair 2018

Bees provide essential ecosystem services; for example pollination without which the provision of agricultural products would be very complicated. To recognize the role of bees, besides promoting the development of good management practices and governance in the beekeeping sector, was the objective of the family activities of the National Bee Day Fair 2018, held at the Casa de la Cultura de Xpujil, Campeche, on August 17.

During the fair six speakers addressed issues such as the importance of biodiversity conservation, instruments for the governance of the beekeeping sector and strategies for the valorization of honey / income generation. Through workshops, girls and boys learned about the taxonomy of bees as well as the importance of pollination and its association with honey plants. Additionally, community promoters shared strategies for the organic / agro-ecological production of agricultural products.

The coordination of the event was headed by the Economic Development Directorate of the City Council of Calakmul; Fondo para la Paz IAP; Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation; Save the Children A. C .; the Board of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve and the Selva Maya Program of the German Cooperation for Development – GIZ.

The success and good acceptance of the fair in the community promises to be repeated in the coming years being a space for the exchange of knowledge and strategies to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the ecosystem services of the Selva Maya.