Tourist route of handicrafts in Calakmul

In the framework of the 30th Anniversary of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, Campeche, on May 25, the Handicrafts Route was launched with an in-touch visit to three community organizations of artisans of the Ejido 20 de Noviembre: i) Artesanos Sabios (wise artisans), the tourist can identify wood species and make a craft, including carving and waxing techniques; ii) Neek Ich Ché, a workshop that recovers seeds, roots, flowers and other elements of nature to create decorative handicrafts and jewelery; iii) Tumben Kab, a group of women whose main input is Melipona’ honey with which they produce medicinal and beauty products.

This tour is one of the first products that connects tourists with community initiatives of artisans who work with non-timber supplies. Students of Tourism at the Technological University of Calakmul wrote an interpretive speech about the jungle, the Mayan cultural identity and the duality nature – craft creation. The artisans have managed the integration of this narrative to their creative manual work, history and culture, to offer a transforming travel experience that begins with an interactive tour over their workshops and concludes with the enjoyment of traditional Mayan cuisine.

The Selva Maya Programme of the German Cooperation / GIZ, in close connection with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), has contributed to the strengthening of productive, administrative and cooperation capacities among artisan groups; likewise, to the certification of its products and services under standards of protection of natural resources, territorial planning and sustainable economic development.