Trinational Fire Management Training

As part of the actions aimed at strengthening capacities in forest fire management, 30 rangers from Belize, Guatemala and Mexico (10 per country) participated in the courses S190 – Introduction to Fire Behavior  & S130 – Forest Fire Fighter, from April 9 to 13, 2018. The course was taught by personnel from the Regional Fire Management Center of the National Forestry Commission of Mexico (CONAFOR) in Chetumal, Quintana Roo.

In particular, the S190 focuses on knowledge regarding the main factors that affect the start and spread of forest fires, as well as the recognition of potentially dangerous situations. The S130 couse consists of technical training to strengthen the basic skills of forest fire fighters as well as the use of tools, equipment and combat strategies. Both courses combined theoretical and practical sessions in a total of 50 hours of training.

The ceremony was attended by the Manager of CONAFOR in Quintana Roo, Mr. Rafael León Negrete; Mr. Pánfilo Fernández, Chief of the Southeast Regional Fire Management Center, CONAFOR; Lisa Steurer, Trinational Coordinator of the Selva Maya Programme, and Mr. Fernando Orozco, on behalf of the Regional Director of CONANP in the Yucatán Peninsula.