Workshop on management and sustainable use of the territory in Bala’an K’aax, Quintana Roo

On 27 and 28 April 2017, a workshop was held to raise awareness and strengthen the management and sustainable use of the territory, aimed at the community authorities of the adjacent ejidos to the Area of ​​Protection of Flora and Fauna of Bala’an K’aax, in Quintana Roo. The purpose was to aware about the importance of protecting the natural area and the sustainable use of resources in the area of ​​influence.

For the first time participated authorities from 14 ejidos of the municipalities of Bacalar and José María Morelos, Quintana Roo and Tekax, Yucatan. Also, community surveillance and monitoring-prevention fire teams, providing local work experiences; land planning researchers of the University of Yucatan, the Technological Institute of Merida, Intercultural Maya University of Quintana Roo, presenting a diagnosis of the use of the soil in the region; civil society organizations and consulting firms, providing sustainable alternatives for forestry development and forest-farming systems; as well as representatives of the Forestry National Commission and the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, which presented the institutional offer available to complement the management of the territory with planning, capacity building and sustainable investment instruments.
Some of the agreements were: ii) to promote a network of adjacent ejidos to the APFFBK that strengthens protection efforts through sustainable planning processes of land use; ii) to encourage the organic production of honey, fertilizers and other goods, as a result of sustainable practices; iii) to recommend strengthening the vision of work where the conservation of natural resources is combined with productive opportunities, in order the initiatives are sustainable and lasting in time.